About Us

Mission Statement

Our shared vision is to preserve and enhance the open spaces at the north and south end of the L St Rails with Trails Corridor, and in conjunction with the entire corridor, to dedicate this segment of L Street to a Linear Park. The corridor begins at Alliance Rd to the north and culminates at Samoa Blvd to the South. From Alliance south open spaces stretch to 1oth street. From Samoa north to 7th street open spaces include a coastal wetland in the form of a Linear Ditch. Presently the old North Coast Rail Authority Line exists next to a Class 1 pathway. Railbanking the line for the purpose of a Rails to Trails corridor and the enhancement to a Linear Park or Greenway offers an opportunity for a gathering space in the form of recreation and transit. The L St Linear Park represents a community space and expanded recreational opportunities for Arcata’s future infill; additional quality space along the Humboldt Bay Trail; and a welcome mat to the Great Redwood Trail.

By contrast, the City of Arcata is proposing to Railbank the line for the purpose of a through road expansion, paving over the open spaces and reducing the Class 1 trail footprint. Throughout the United States Railbanking has traditionally served trail corridor enhancements.

Northern entry to the L Street Pathway Corridor
Southern Entry to the L Street Pathway Corridor